In Celebration of

Wojciech Posluszny

January 28, 1950 -  December 1, 2018

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of my father, Wojciech Posluszny. He passed away on December 1, 2018 at the age of 68. He was a great dad and even more wonderful grandfather to Natalia and Ola. He will be missed by many friends and family here in Canada as well as in Poland.

Wieczny odpoczynek racz Mu dac Panie

A Celebration of Life gathering will take place this Friday, December 7, 2018 from 7pm till 9pm.


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Krzysiek Tokarski Polska 

Entered December 4, 2018

Żegnam Ciebie z wielkim żalem. Odszedłeś do krainy wiecznych łowów.
Spoczywaj w pokoju.

Ayla Pakravan 

Entered December 4, 2018

Had the honor of working in the same office with him, his lively and cheerful heart was always radiating and lightening the spirit of people around him.
may he rest in peace.

Tara Thomson 

Entered December 4, 2018 from Oakville

My sincere condolences - Wojciech was a kind and warmhearted gentleman. We will miss him at Turtle Creek Manor.
Tara Thomson - Property Manager

Ken Chow 

Entered December 6, 2018

Hi Kasia:

It is Ken Chow here. First of all, my condolences to you and your family. I worked with your dad for many years at Sernas/GHD. He was a kind and knowledgeable person and was fun to work with. He had his serious and funny side. he never took anything too seriously, but always did a good job. He worked on many projects that I was involved in and I never had a concern when he was on the project. The only thing he didn't like to do was take meeting minutes or do project write ups. I remember working with him on a GO Transit project on the Cooksville GO Station. He knew so much more than the Contractor. He was actually telling the Contractor what each step on the project was. It would have been better off if he was the Contractor. I know he loved hunting and he shared many of his hunting stories with me over the years. I left GHD in 2016 and had not seen him since. I was thinking back at how many years ago, it was that you spent, i can't remember, one or two summers at Sernas. My guess is about 20 years ago, but I could be wrong.

Wojciech must have been a great father to raise a great kid (now parent) like yourself. Unfortunately, I am in Florida on vacation and will not be able to make it back in time for the funeral.

Take care and maybe we will run into each other some day.

Ken Chow.

Marek Choruzy 

Entered December 6, 2018

My myśliwi, wierzymy, że po tamtej stronie koledzy trafiają pod opiekę świętego Huberta i pod jego przewodem polują w Krainie Wiecznych Łowów. Wojtku życzymy Ci udanych łowów i niech Ci Hubert darzy na niebianskich łąkach i w niebiańskich dąbrowach. Żegnając Cię naszym myśliwskim pozdrowieniem
Darz Bór Wojtku, Darz Bór.

Koledzy z Polskiego Klubu Myśliwskiego w Kanadzie.


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