In Celebration of

Tony Curcija

May 30, 1969 -  January 10, 2023

It is with the heaviest of hearts we announce the passing of our fun-loving, strong, and courageous father. He was an outstanding soul that can truly never be replaced. Committed to inspiring and uplifting those around him, he elevated any space he was in. Never was there a dull moment with him, for the sound of laughter followed his presence anywhere he went. He was a loving and supportive husband, father, brother, son, cousin, friend, mentor, and more. The world shined brighter with him in it. He will forever be remembered for his integrity, friendship, and humor. After a long and hard battle, a battle he handled like a boss, his soul is peacefully resting with his best friend. This is not goodbye. This is not the end. We will see you again, our brave angel.


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