In Celebration of

Sirkka "Maria" Yannopoulos


February 8, 2022, age 83. Predeceased by brother, Hank Hamley. Survived by children, Anthea Lavallee and George (Aniki) Yannopoulos; brothers, John Hamley, Mark (Heather) Hamley and Peter (Gabriella) Hamley; grandson, Elvis Lavallee; and nephews and nieces, Anthula (Paul) Nunes, Damian (Yvette) Yannopoulos, George (Hallie) Yannopoulos and Jason (Shannon) Hamley.

Maria loved words, languages, movies and books. She detested housework, yardwork and social conventions. She was a vivid writer and a ruthless editor. In her early twenties, Maria worked at the O’Keefe Centre (now Meridian Hall), the heart of Toronto’s performing arts scene. There she felt a kinship and found her community among the artists of her time. Maria was a devoted iconoclast. Her approach to childhood, motherhood, friendship and adulthood was creative, loving and rebellious. Hers was an adventurous life, lived in four countries and on two continents. Hers was a razor-sharp intellect, edgy and dazzling. Hers is a vibrant spirit, unique, beloved and indelible.


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