In Celebration of

Sheila Elaine DaSilva

January 8, 1937 -  April 24, 2023

It is with much shock, disbelief and the heaviest of hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved Mom and Grandma, Sheila on April 24th at 4:30am in Trillium Hospital after a brief illness.

Just six short weeks after her beloved husband Jerome left us, Sheila has now left us too.

We were all so very blessed to have had her for her 86 years.

Sheila joins her aforementioned attached at-the-hip husband Jerome, father Frank, mother Philomena and brother Richard in a place where the limits and frailties of the human body no longer apply. We truly hope they are laughing up a storm.

Sheila leaves behind her sons Jeremy, Jonathan and Jamie, her daughters-in-law Lydia and Jenn and her beloved granddaughter and part-time personal groomer Ella to cherish all the wonderful memories they have of her.

Sheila also leaves behind her big brother Frank and his wife Mary and her little sister Clare as well as all her sisters and brothers-in-law, her nieces and nephews, her good friends and neighbours and her best-friends for life (and beyond!) Geri and Doraleen who have all been loved and cherished by her from the bottom of her heart for so many years.

On behalf of our Mother, we would like to thank all of you for all the memories and the love and support you have shown her throughout the years. It meant a lot to her and means a lot to us.

We would also particularly like to thank all the PSW's for their wonderful care over the last 25 years.

From being a schoolgirl at St. Joseph’s High School and a Girl Guide in British Guiana to getting married and immigrating to Canada in 1964. From establishing a 55 year residence on Flagship Drive to raising three sons who were considerably taller than she was, Mom was truly one of a kind…especially to us, her sons.

When Mom had her stroke in 1998 and we feared that we had lost her at age 61, we never would have dreamed that we would get another almost 25 years with her. We are so very thankful and so very blessed for that. It was tough to watch her struggle and it broke our hearts, but her quiet dignity through all the indignities that age and stroke bring was enough to keep us going.

As was her laugh... her beautiful, house filling laugh, usually heard during an episode of Benny Hill or Mr. Bean or Three's Company. The stroke took away many things but she still had her laugh and she was still able to say "I love you" until the very end.

We love you too Mom.

Always and forever.

We will miss you terribly and our lives will never be the same nor as happy now that you and Dad aren't with us, but we will never forget you and all your "Sheila ways".

Breeze your toes Girl.


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Peter Bird (Friend)

Entered April 26, 2023 from Toronto

I’m so sorry for your loss.

Frank Delph (Nephew)

Entered April 26, 2023 from Quadra Island, B. c

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all, Jeremy, Jonathan and Jamie.
Our deepest condolences.
Frankie and Cathy

Sheri Da Silva (Niece)

Entered April 26, 2023

My sweet Aunt Sheila, where do I begin?! So many good memories I share with you. From summer fun days, to midnight Christmas mass and Christmas Eve’s spent in your basement to a trip through the East coast of Canada all spent with you. Tons of memories collected that I wouldn’t trade for anything. You taught me what strength looks like battling an unforgiving illness. You taught me what beauty feels like with your BIG, kind heart, always letting me know that I am loved. You taught me what innocence sounds like with every belly laugh you shared with me. Your absence will forever be noticed by the many hearts you touched. You are already missed so terribly. The world got a little darker when your light went out. What I wouldn’t give to see that smile, hear that belly laugh or feel your strength just one more time. I love you and I miss you Aunt Sheila. Rest In Peace beautiful Angel. Jeremy, Jonathan, Jamie, Lydia, Jenn and especially you Ella, my heart is with all of you. I’m sending so much love to you all now and always.

Angela Menalo (In laws)

Entered April 27, 2023

Most sincere condolences to you and your brothers. May you find strength in her life and warmth in her beautiful smile.
Love from Tata and Mom

Margaret and Caesar (Brother-in-law)

Entered April 27, 2023

Dear Sheila my memories go back to your wedding in Guiana. I have to thank you and Jerome for welcoming me into your home when I first came to Canada and all the good meals you made for me. I am still sorry for burning your pot when I tried to boil an egg and forgot it on the stove.
You and Jerome opened your arms and your house to Margaret and I and the kids. You were always there for us.
We have a lot of good memories with all of you. We will miss you both a lot. In fact we already do.


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