In Celebration of

Sharky (Yoshiaki) Nagao

August 24, 1928 -  June 3, 2019

From his time as a young man until his 91st year, Sharky was his own man. Through tough times and many good times he lived life as he wanted to. That was Sharky.

As a youth, he encountered the normal difficulties as the first son of new immigrant parents who arrived in 1926. When the war came and the family was forced from Victoria to the Japanese internment location, at an age where he should have had parental support, families were broken up with the men separated from the women and children. He remembered this period particularly well as having some lasting effects on him and who he was. After the family moved to Ontario, he decided to go his own way and did so right up to now.

Sharky made friends quite readily as he easily engaged and befriended many people. He could be quite charming, talkative and entertaining with anyone. He was well read, delving into many subjects, involved himself in many different hobbies and joined common interest groups. He was the ultimate multi-hobbyist, but model airplanes were of particular interest to him. Over many years, he purchased magazines that were saved for him through frequent trips to his favourite Toronto store. No sterile postal delivery system for Sharky. He wanted the real face to face thing. The Yonge Street Main Reference Library was a special place for him.

He was a survivor even through a couple of physical events such as being hit by a speeding motorcycle at the age of 69 requiring a new hip and lower leg repairs, then at the age of 87 by a turning car causing a fracture to the right knee. He was a tough guy.

Sharky is survived by sisters Kay and Ann (Michael Kane) and brother Jack (Giovanna), nephew Warren and niece Stacey and their children. Predeceased by his parents Yoshimatsu and Hanako Nagao, brothers Yoshikuni and Bibo (Bob), and sister Nobuko. Cremation and a private burial have taken place in Chatham.


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Marie & Sid Ikeda (Friend)

Entered June 11, 2019 from North York

Nagao Family
We send our love compassion and respect to the Nagao Family on the loss of your loved one Sharkey Nagao. He made lots of friends during his lifetime. We knew of him because of his name Sharkey. Read his interesting obiturary. We are grateful to Sharkey and the Nagao family for enriching our lives us during our lifetime.

On behalf of JCCC
With love respect and appreciation
Marie & Sid Ikeda

Karen Lippett (Friend of Giovanna and Jack)

Entered June 11, 2019 from Toronto

I'm sorry to hear about the death of your brother.
Thinking of you.


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