In Celebration of

Kerry Ardagh Winters

November 8, 1940 -  February 21, 2023

Kerry passed away peacefully at the age of 82, in the beautiful Dorothy Ley Hospice. His beloved Julie was at his side.

Born in Toronto to Charles Edgar Winters II and Jessie “Muriel” Emeline Conn, Kerry was an avid collector. He began collecting beer cans while at U of T. This passion later expanded into sports schedules. Kerry was an exceptional bridge player, and to say he was an avid sports fan would be an understatement. Kerry was especially happy when Toronto finally got it’s own baseball team and has been a fan since day one often taking his daughter to games.

Most Thursday nights you would find Kerry at Metro’s (later hosted by Walter and Cathy), while Saturday nights he and Julie could be found playing Trivia at Willy Stouts Pub and Grill.

In addition to Julie Sibbit, Kerry will be greatly missed by his daughter Donna Gutzeit (Adrian), sister Barbie Echlin (Taylor), Nieces Sarah (Beau) and Katie (Jason), Nephew Christopher “CT” (Stef) along with his great niece and six great nephews. Friends and family will be invited to a celebration of life at a later date.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Dorothy Ley Hospice, to whom his family is grateful for such wonderful care.


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Bill & Cathy Esplen (Beer buddy)

Entered February 25, 2023 from Whitby, Ontario

RIP my old drinking buddy.
Kerry would have been 83 in November and we were so lucky to have known him. One of our favourite memories with him at the Falcon craft brewery in Ajax Ontario
Raising a pint to you Kerry 🍺🍺

Barry Turner (Friend)

Entered February 25, 2023 from Michigan

As a fellow collector we will miss him at DASS. Kerry was always happy & fun to be around. Rest in peace my friend, you will never be forgotten.

Larry Lemelin (Dear Friend)

Entered February 25, 2023 from Welland

Whether it was the joy of sharing homemade Ukrainian cabbage roll dinners with Kerry at my home or watching sports with him at his home and or just talking about the hobby of collecting breweriana on the phone, Kerry always spoke to me in a supportive and positive manner and he helped me believe, that good things will come from bringing people together. January 2015, Kerry responded to my idea about creating a new Trillium Chapter trade show and Kerry said, " Larry, without people, you don't have a trade show." To that comment and with the support of many fellow Trillium Chapter members, I came home from that Trillium meeting and I found 4 dedicated Niagara collectors and a couple months later, we went from organizing a new Trillium trade show, to founding a new breweriana club, the Niagara Brewery Collectibles Club and we hosted our 1st trade show September 2015. As the years passed, my visits with Kerry were fun and the amount of trust that he placed in me to make things happen for the better, will be well remembered by me. It was very special how he turned to me at times and he made requests of me and saying, " Larry, you are the one person I know who can get this done." I always did whatever I could to deliver upon his requests of me. Asking me to be his roommate at the 32 Annual Gan Weekend, was just one of many special moments that I shared with Kerry one on one. He was very pleased in knowing that Niagara College Brewmaster Students were being offered support through scholarships from the Niagara Brewery Collectibles Club. " Larry, they are the beer people of the future ! " Kerry was the 1st collector I met, while attending my 1st Breweriana Convention. As has been said before, Kerry never failed to surprise and in my opinion, that unpredictable mindset in his demeanor, will be greatly missed by me and many others. Kerry, Rest In Peace and thanks for sharing all that your shared with me. Kerry, thanks to your encouragement, you have helped me bring people together for the good of our hobby !! Cheers !!!!!!

jay dertinger (Friend for about 40 years)

Entered February 25, 2023 from Linden

Kerry and I shared many a good time. Even though we only meet four or so times a year we would phone each other often.
Shared a room at the Phoenix Canvention ,fought about the A/C Kerry did not like A/C and of course he won . Countless beers (and little food for Kerry) when at dinners , or in Gan , Canadian Brewerianist Conventions , BCCA "Canventions" ,harrisburg sked show , Winchester sked show etc.
I pray the Kerry is with our Lord Jesus Christ in heaven right now
Rest in Peace of friend. I will miss you.

Craig Myers (Good friend. - Same date of birth.)

Entered February 26, 2023 from Columbus, OH USA

Kerry, Missing you already. Thanks for being a good friend.


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