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Ivan Cavdek

February 2, 1946 -  January 17, 2019

Beloved husband of Stefica. Adored father of Allen (Janet), much loved deda to Hollie, Michael and Ashley and odličan djed to Charlie.


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Hollie Cavdek (Granddaughter)

Entered January 19, 2019 from Innisfil,ON

As we say our Earthly goodbyes to one of the most incredible men I have ever met in my entire life.

My family is grieving the loss of my grandfather; we feel the empty void very clearly. The head of the family is no longer here with us, and we feel his absence sharply.

But we know that he is no longer in pain, and is now in a place that is more amazing than the best possible day here on Earth. We also know that this is just a temporary goodbye. We know we will see him again. We are counting on it.

I feel incredibly blessed that you and Baka are my grandparents. I am so thankful that you were my Deda. I’m even more thankful that you and Charlie had the time you did together, I cry because she will never get to experience the joy in life of having you here with us. But, I promise I will tell her all your stories and she will know who you were. We will keep your memory alive and never, ever forget you.

You have given me the most beautiful gift in the world, my father. I will be forever grateful for that, he is kind, loving, and one of the most selfless people. It's no mystery where he got that from, you and Baka have given without ever expecting anything in return, your love always overflowed and poured onto everyone around you. Deda, my heart aches for you, no words will ever be able to express how loved you are.

As I flipped through the pages of photos from every year of my life, there you were, smiling back at me. You were always smiling. Always ready for a good laugh. That is how I will always remember you.

We are grieving the loss of you – the most amazing man. A devoted husband, a deeply loved and respected father, and an adored grandfather. The world seems a little less vibrant without you in it, Deda.

But thankfully, this isn’t the final goodbye.
Thankfully, we share the same faith that this isn’t the end. I know I will see you again someday.

Until then, we will wrap Baka in all the love and comfort that you provided for her in the 52 years you were married. We will continue to look at photos and remember the amazing times we had with you. We will talk to you and seek your guidance when we need it, and look for you in all the beautiful moments in life when we miss you terribly. We will keep your memory alive and never, ever forget you.

You were the most amazing grandfather I could have ever asked for. You loved Baka with your whole heart and you cherished your son, even when he was a pain or talked too much (sorry dad, but you know how it is haha) You adored each of us grandkids, no matter how old we were, where we lived or what we were doing with our lives. You loved each of us unconditionally, and without holding back.

And boy, do we love you. We love you so much.

Hug your parents and your brother up there, Deda. Say Hi to Dayton for me. Have fun fishing and that all mighty howl Dayton let's out in Heaven, and know that I’ll be joining you with my fishing pole, ready to drop my line into the water when I get up to Heaven too. We can catch some fish together but don't get too upset when mine is bigger!

I love you beyond words and I will miss you each and every day.

Until we meet again, Deda.

With all the love in my heart,
Your granddaughter,

Andrew Boland 

Entered January 20, 2019


In such a short time of knowing you I was able to learn so much. You made me see how simple life should be. You taught me that unnessesary distractions, highs and lows and the petty struggles along the way don't matter. In the end all that matters is the family that surrounds you.  Your legacy.

You should be proud of your family. I have never witnessed a family with more love toward someone in my short time. The lessons that you have taught them are woven into their everyday being. Selflessness, generosity, being humble and having a hard work ethic are just a few examples of the traits that you expected as standard. You gave your family the tools in order to lead a happy and healthy life, and the courage to create a legacy of their own.  

The silver lining of your passing is hope.  Hope that our families will have as much love as your's did. Hope that we're as proud of each of our family members as you were. Hope that my best friend will be there by my side forever. And hope that one day, when our time comes, we are surrounded by our family and friends.

Even at the end you brought smiles to our faces. In our busy schedules we are reminded to stop and enjoy the moment. 

I promise to do my part in honoring your legacy. I will do all that I can to do right by the people you cherished. And I will continue to teach your lessons to a new generation of our family.

Thank you for allowing me to sit at your table. I will never forget you, and everything you have done for us. AB


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