In Celebration of

Herbert Noack

July 27, 1923 -  June 30, 2022

Herbert Noack passed away peacefully on Thursday June 30, 2022 at his home with his beloved wife Alina by his side at the age of 99. Herbert and Alina spent 15 wonderful years together loving, supporting and taking care of each other.

Herbert was born in Breslau Germany on July 27, 1923. At the age of 17 he was enlisted in the armed services and sent to the East Front as a radio communication and navigation lineman/operator. In 1942, he got captured by the Russian army with other 5,000 service men and spent 7 years in horrible living and working conditions in a Russian POW camp. In 1949, all surviving soldiers were transported to Eastern Germany. After 3 years, Herbert was able to escape to West Germany and later emigrated in 1957 to Canada in order to start a normal and happy life. He worked in different transportation divisions and had owned a hardware store.

Herbert was a kind, caring and hard-working man from age 8 until age 84. He was an extraordinary, unparalleled and exceptional human being may he rest in peace. Upon his passing, cremation took place and his remains are planned to be buried in Montreal, QC.


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Anna (przyjaźń....)

Entered July 12, 2022 from Polska, Koszalin

Chociaż nie poznałam nigdy osobiście, tylko ze zdjęć, jest mi tak samo smutno, jak innym znajomym, bo Alinka cierpi bez swego towarzysza życia. Hubert miał długie i bogate życie, cieszył się zdrowiem i był otoczony troskliwą opieką Alinki. Odszedł spokojnie, prawie po stu latach życia.
Niech spoczywa w spokoju, a ci, którzy pozostali w smutku powinni pomyśleć, że Hubert miał dobre i ciekawe życie, a teraz zażywa zasłużonego odpoczynku na niebiańskich łąkach.....

Jacek Kwiecinski (Distant Friend)

Entered July 12, 2022 from Sierra Madre, California USA

Although I have never met Herbert in person, he seemed like a very nice and caring person. They spent 15 wonderful years together and the love between them was eternal. I never met Alina in person either but had the pleasure of meeting her parents in Poland in 1969. Alina is also a very loving friend and our friendship grew through the friendship between my Mother and her. After my mother's passing in 2015 we started to correspond and we instantly established a very close relationship. We correspond daily and kept me informed of Herbert and his decline. She is like family to me and Herbert was part of it also. He enjoyed my emails and me being an amateur photographer, the pictures that I sent. He loved my dog and enjoyed my daily photos of him. Herbert will be greatly missed by everyone even by people like me that never met hi; a wonderful caring, lovable Teddy Bear. His smile will be greatly missed, there will never be another one like him.
May he rest in peace eternally.
Good Bye my friend Good Bye


Entered July 16, 2022

Ból i samotność po stracie bliskiej osoby niech załagodzi prawda,

że nie umiera ten, kto pozostaje w sercach bliskich.

Marzanna and Bob (friends)

Entered July 19, 2022 from Toronto

May our longstanding friendship support you in this difficult time


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