In Celebration of

Ghuoi Thi Trinh

July 1, 1915 -  December 23, 2018

Will be missed by her children, Long Lam (Mai Tran), Liem Lam (Linh Nguyen), Minh Lam (Thu Tran), Mai Lam (Trinh Dinh) Ngoc Lam (Cuong Ta) and Hoa Lam (Zoltan Orszag).


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Le Nhu Hoa (Teacher)

Entered December 25, 2018 from San Jose, CA - USA

Dear My Ai & family
The loving memories of your Mom keep you strong during this time of sorrow.
Our prayers and thoughts are with you
With sincere sympathy,
Hoa Le & family

Life Stories 

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Rose Hoa (Daughter)

Entered February 13, 2019

Hi Mom.
Do you know how much I miss you. Although I know Life has started and has ended. You are super Mom. Thanks to bring us to life and rise us up. You gave us everything and took a good care all of us. Please Forgive us . We could not give and take a good care of you as you did for us. Now you rest in peace and don't worry to borther us. We love you. You are my Number 1 . Nam mô A di da Phật xin gia hộ cho Xiêm con được về Tây Phương cực lạc.. Cảm ơn trời Phật đã cho Xiêm con sông đến 93 tuổi và ra bình yên như tâm nguyện của xiêm con. Nam mô A di da Phật.


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