In Celebration of

Gerald Yip - Hoi

April 4, 1938 -  January 26, 2018

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Gerald Yip-Hoi on Friday, January 26, 2018. Loving father of Alana and Lorraine Zander (Paul). Cherished grandfather of Sabrina. Beloved brother of Priscilla Yip-Hoi (Lin Chee), Gilbert Yip-Hoi (Ukong), Victoria Soo Poy (Lin Moy or Cha Cha), Eudora Chay (Lin How), Kim Aleong (Lin Kim), Andrew Yip-Hoi (Uming), Allison Yip-Hoi, David Williams, Lennox Chung, Leon Chung, Lloyd Chung, Allison Woo, Alvin Chung, Lyn Ali, Kenneth Yip-Hoi, Angela Homer, Victor Yip-Hoi (Uwing), Pearl Yip-Hoi (Peggy), Gloria Persaud, Carl Yip-Hoi and Lydia McCaul.


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Paul-James MacArthur (Friend)

Entered January 31, 2018 from Kemptville, Ontario

Very sorry for your loss.
Our thoughts are with the family...
Sorry we are not able to make it up at this time. May you find peace in your memories!

Steven MacArthur (friend)

Entered January 31, 2018 from Ottawa

remembering someone in times of sorrow is really not the best times to remember , but it gives us life to remember happiness and true memories that one has. I knew Gerry as a child , he was also very cheerful and his passion with model air planes and his strength with his family has inspired me and given me strength with being passionate with people .We learn many things in our journey through life , his memories are happy and always giving , my sincere condolences to Alana , Lorraine , Jean, Ron and Roger , and Anthony , and all the extended family which some I have never met , Gerry lives through all of us, he will be missed and God bless him. I am thinking about you guys , if you need anything please contact me


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