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Erna Balint

May 30, 1926 -  December 10, 2021

Passed away, due to the complications of advanced dementia, at home on Friday, December 10, 2021, with her loving daughter by her side, at the age of 95 years.

Born in Germany in 1926 Erna spent the early part of her life in the small village of Puschkau in the historical region of Schlesien. Forced to flee as a refugee at the end of WWII, Erna continued to carry the pain of the loss of Puschkau in her heart for the rest of her life, along with the memory of her beloved brother Gerhard.

Not long after the war, when the opportunity to work in England came her way Erna was excited to start a new life there but after a brief period in London she changed her focus and travelled alone by ship to Canada, arriving at the port city of Halifax in 1957. Eventually settling in Toronto, Erna went on to become a citizen and was a proud Canadian for the rest of her life.

Erna was the beloved wife of the late Martin, who passed away of Pancreatic cancer in the year 2000, just after their 40th Wedding Anniversary. In the last seven months before his passing, Erna was his fiercely dedicated and tireless caregiver. If the power of love alone could cure cancer, Martin would have easily survived.

Loving mother of Martina, Erna was a stay-at-home mom who devoted her life to making a home for her husband and young daughter. Erna was also the dear Tante of Gerhard Rom and Marina Hodapp of Germany, the children of her sister Else who she loved very much, along with her mother Selma and father Heinrich.

Erna will be lovingly remembered by all her extended family and dear friends.


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David Lim (Friend of daughter)

Entered December 14, 2021

Sincerest condolences to all the friends and family

Dan Lafleur (Co worker of daughter Martina)

Entered December 14, 2021 from Ottawa

my sincere condolences to you and family's, our thoughts are with you

Lorraine D'Souza (Co-Worker of daughter Martina)

Entered December 14, 2021

Sincerest condolences Martina

Joe Paoletta (colleague)

Entered December 15, 2021 from Mississauga

My deepest condolences Martina on the passing of your mother at the age of 95. God Bless her and may she rest in peace.


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