In Celebration of

Catherine Victoria Guest

April 18, 1966 -  June 29, 2022

I was adopted and raised by loving parents, Lois and Zenon Borowy, along with my siblings Janet Borowy ( Shelly), Brian Borowy and John Borowy. As well, wonderful grandparents, Phylis and Hector Humphrey. I also had kind, meaningful Aunts and Uncles and cousins: Fran and Jim Webster and their children Peter and Christine; Mary and Joe Silinski and their children Irene (Alan), Barb (Jim) and Sandy. And of course all their wonderful children: Sarah, Taryn, Matthew, Laura, Todd and Shawn …along with their partners and children. I loved being an Aunt to Patrick Rooney (Becky), Mike, David and Ken Borowy, and Kate and Andrew Guest. I was so fortunate and loved being a special Aunt to Bradley and Dale Dimitroff, and Nicole and Ryan Haba. On the Guest side, I have had lovely in-laws for over 30 years, Daphne and John Guest. They have been seen so incredible and meaningful for my married life and such wonderful grandparents. As well, I had a kind brother and sister-in-law, John and Margie Guest. As well, I got to be a Great Aunt to my beautiful great niece Lily, Patrick and Becky’s amazing daughter. Such a thrill to me.

David Guest….the love of my life. So incredibly lucky that I fell in love with this man. I met my future husband in Grade 6 and were good friends all through high school. So lucky that we officially first started dating at the beginning of University. Time has gone by so quickly when I think of how long we were together. We have been married this year for 30 years. Oct 17 2022. Amazing, so blessed. I love you David….you are everything

Being a Mom is the most important thing I have ever done. What I wanted for most of life was to be a Mom. I love you Emily, William and Jacob. So proud of you. My amazing children and I am so lucky that I have watched you become adults. Thank you for making me a Mom. The best part of life

I have been so fortunate to have had amazing support from my family and friends over the last few years after my Cancer diagnosis and surgery. Firstly my husband and kids have been so strong, brave and helpful. My sister Jan and partner Shelly, my best friends, Cindy and Doug and Britt and John have meant the world to me and I am so appreciative of the help and support. My friend Susan, I love you and all of your support. My friend Fraser, you have been so supportive and wonderful with David. We also have wonderful neighbours, the Mcbride’s and Margarita and Luca who have provided support and meals. Thank you everyone.

I was like to thank my surgeon, Dr Look-Hong. What an incredible surgeon and incredibly supportive over the years. I also would to very much thank Dr Arjun Saghal, Radiation Oncologist. What an incredibly kind, smart, honest and passionate doctor. I am so thankful for him being part of my medical care. I was also to thank Dr Petrella, my oncology at Odette Centre.

Here is my plan/future…..I am not a funeral person. I would like, when the timing works for David and the kids, a fun celebration with family and friends. Live music (would love Marie! ) and lots of fun and stories, drinking, dancing etc!!! Not with tears and sadness….just joy, fun memories, love etc!!! That will make me happy! ❤️

Lastly, what I wish everyone to do for me …as per Aesop; “a random act of kindness”. So please, everyone, on my behalf consider a random act of kindness …to honour my memory.

Donations can be made to the ' Sunnybrook CNS Site Group' in support of Dr. Sahgal. This option is not listed on the online list of funds, so donors will need to select the 'Other' option which will allow them to directly type in the fund name. Of note, a tribute will be set-up by Sunnybrook to have this fund set as the default, which will mean that when a donation is made in memory of Cathy, if a donor forgets to designate the fund or selects the incorrect one, it will be corrected by Sunnybrook.


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Katie Rooney (Inlaw/friend)

Entered July 5, 2022 from Toronto

I am so sorry for your loss! Cathy was a kind and beautiful woman. Beloved by so many , she will be greatly missed! ❤ My thoughts are with her loving friends and family! Hugs!

John & Margie Guest (Brother-in-law)

Entered July 5, 2022 from Toronto

A wonderful mother, friend and part of our family who will be sorely missed but fondly remembered.

Peter Santini (Friend)

Entered July 5, 2022 from TORONTO

Our sincere and deepest condolences on the passing of Cathy. Heaven has just welcomed its newest angel. Our thoughts and prayers are with David, Emily, William and Jacob.

Peter, Barbara, Sara and Rachel Santini

Marilyn Sfyndilis (Friend)

Entered July 5, 2022

It’s with a heavy heart and great sadness I send you David, Emily, Will and Jacob and all your family our deepest sympathies.
Cathy was in my thoughts and prayers often.
May all your great memories give you strength during this difficult time.
Thinking of you always.
Love Marilyn, AP, Chris & Jordan SFYNDILIS xoxo

David Birch (Friend)

Entered July 5, 2022 from Mississauga

David, Emily William, Jacob
My sincere condolences to the entire family. I feel honoured to have know Cathy during our time with Dolphins and will always remember her infectious smile, laugh and the care she always showed with the girls.
Take care
Dave & Yvonne Birch


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