In Celebration of

Anne Young

August 10, 1949 -  July 5, 2017

Passed away suddenly at her residence in Mississauga, Ontario.
Beloved mother of Lee C.S Young and his wife, Nancy (Nenadovic). Loving grandmother of Kaylin and Hunter Young. Loving sister of Sheila, Cathy (Patrick Thompson), Marie (Wayne Parnell), and the late Kulli Meyer. She will be greatly missed by her nieces Haillee and Amanda, and nephew Trey. Predeceased by mother Dagmar (William Simpson) and Erick Keskula.
Anne touched the lives of many, brought joy and laughter to all who knew her and will be greatly missed.
Cremation. Memorial visitation will be held at the Turner & Porter Chapel at 2180 Hurontario St., Mississauga (Hwy 10 N. of QEW) on Thursday, July 13th from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm.
For those who wish, memorial donations may be made to your local Humane Society.


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Cyndi Leithwod (close friend)

Entered July 9, 2017 from mississauga

So very sorry about Anne's passing, she was a fun loving person
and we always kept in touch, will miss her very much.
Condolences goes out to family and friend.
May Anne rest in peace.

Leanne, Monte, & Kaitlynn Dalgliesh (Friends)

Entered July 9, 2017 from Milton

I'll always remember the road trip Anne and I took to Lilydale, New York. While I fretted over little details, she exuded peacefulness and contentment.
Her personality was calm and easy-going, a joy to be around in this hectic world. We didn't know her well or see her often, but each visit with Anne was always pleasant.

Brian Bendall (Friend)

Entered July 9, 2017 from Hamilton, Ontario

Good bye, my friend. Thank you for all the words of support, your thoughtful gifts of kindness, your love of life and your wonderful sense of humour. All those traits are hard to find in the world today in one person. I guess we have to start over. I miss you, Anne, but maybe I'll see you again.

Cyndi Leithwood (close friend)

Entered July 9, 2017 from mississauga

I am so very, very sorry about Anne's passing, I forgot to mention
a few things in the last one I wrote, Anne you were , who you were
and know one can change that. I will miss the good times what
we had, never got to go for coffer as much as we should have
and wanted to invite you here. You were so concerned about me
health wise and my partner and my family. So, now I really, really
am lost without your phone calls day and night. Wondered why
I couldn't get hold of you almost a week and never thought something
like this would happen so quickly when I received the phone call I was
shocked. At least I have pictures of you from gatherings when employees
left the store. If it wasn't for you I am glad now I have a doctor here
and everything else as you tried to help me get my stuff down here. I will
always remember you as a person you were so good, I won"t forget the
times we shared at Port Credit store you moving the clothes on the racks.
Now you may rest in peace and my condolences and deepest sympathy goes
out to your family and friends. I will always remember you in my hear 100%.
And I was just thinking of your birthday coming up real soon. Even though you
are not here, are saying on the phone was love you and miss you and have a
good night. Maybe one day I will be with you. God will be watching and angels
will look after you. Love always your friend Cyndi.

Cyndi Leithwod (close friend)

Entered July 9, 2017 from mississauga

I so very, very sorry to hear about Anne's passing, I wondered what
happened to you Anne when I kept phoning and phoning and never
got an answer, you are who you are and no one can change that, now
I am lost with you phoning day and night, to quiet, I will remember
you as I have pictures when we got together for gatherings when
employees left and just a few of us others certain times. You and I
always phoned to see how each other was and if needed anything, you
asked how my partner and my family was and if it wasn't for you I wouldn't
have a family doctor and stuff down here. I was thinking of your birthday
coming up and really wanted to get together for that coffee, I show of
known something was wrong when I could not get through your phone. So
now I am really, really lost without your phone calls, good times we had at
Port Credit store you moving the clothes on the racks with me, we had some
fun times, didn't see much of each other as like to, wanted you to come see
my place but to late now and I thought about your poor old cat. Well, maybe
one day we will see each other. God and angels will look out for you and
some of us. May you rest in peace, miss your saying love you and miss
you and have a goodnight. So. lonely now. Good bye my dearest friend.


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