In Celebration of

Andre Maria Nykamp

April 12, 1926 -  July 22, 2018

b. April 12,1926 in Oldenzaal, Netherlands - d. July 22, 2018 in Mississauga, Ontario.

Cherished husband of Teresa Nykamp for 62 years, loving father to Paul, Patricia, Stephen (Claire) Terri (Neil) and David (Jean). Proud grandfather of Jeremy and Nicole Nykamp, Ryan and Liam Dowie and Natalie and Matthew Nykamp. He was our anchor, we loved him unreservedly and will carry him always in our hearts.

Predeceased by siblings Jan (Agnes), Theo (Annie), Fritz (Truus), Toos, Jo (Herman), Herman (Rie), and Chris (Annie). Survived by his dear sister Riet (Theo) Gout of Oldenzaal, his sister-in-law Maureen Rooney of New York and a multitude of nieces and nephews, all of whom will sorely miss his wit, kindness and zest for life.

Andre was a traveller, an adventurer, a linguist and a lifelong learner. In retirement, he went back to university to satisfy his thirst for knowledge. A mechanical engineer by trade, Andre could build anything, without a blueprint and seemingly without a plan. He loved to tinker and to create.

But mostly Andre loved to be on his bike, his skates, a run, swimming in a northern lake or out enjoying the fresh air with his darling Teresa. Mucking about in his garden, getting his hands dirty was a favorite pastime, with the added bonus of a stunning array of flowers and a summer's supply of fresh vegetables for his family.

Andre lived an active, healthy, full life until the frailties of age recently intervened. Through his illness, his toughness in growing up in wartime Holland prevailed. He remained steadfastly independent and resolutely wilful, never accepting help he didn’t believe he needed. He was both our rock and a soft place to land. May he rest in peace and sleep fulfilled.

The family wishes to thank the team at Erin Mills Lodge long-term care for their care of Andre over the past two years. As an expression of sympathy, memorial donations may be made to St. Vincent de Paul or Alzheimer Society.


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Annie (David's coworker)

Entered July 23, 2018 from Aurora

Hi David,

I'm very sorry to hear about this sad news, my condolences to you and your family.

take care,

Douglas Kilgour (Friend of daughter Patricia)

Entered July 23, 2018 from Templeton, California

Condolences to the entire Nykamp family, but most of all to dear friend Patricia - I know how she loved her dad.

Wim Muller (Nephew)

Entered July 24, 2018 from Vancouver

I always had great respect for (my uncle) André and am forever grateful he made it possible for me to come and live in Canada.

He will be sorely missed but the memories of him can never be erased.

Rest in peace, dear uncle.

Karin Nijkamp (daughter Annie and Chris)

Entered July 24, 2018 from Hengelo Nederland

Wishing you all strength these days. And much loving memories.

Hugs Karin

Trudy and Jan Nijkamp (Nephew)

Entered July 24, 2018 from Hengelo

He was a beloved uncle with a lot of humor and always interested in his family in Holland, especially his sister Riet. When he was in Europe for his company he always visited Oldenzaal.
Our thougts are with his family.

Life Stories 

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Herman Muller (Nephew)

Entered July 23, 2018 from Vienna, Austria

When I was about 12 or 13 years old (around 1954 or 55) I helped my Dad deliver bread on Saturdays to his customers on his regular runs. One Saturday I also delivered to Oma and Opa's house. Since they were near the end of my route it could happen that we ran out of a certain type of bread that they normally have. This was the case that particular day and I brought them a different loaf. With a thumping heart and great trepidation I entered their kitchen through the back door hoping only Oma would be there because I always had a certain fear of Opa because of his well known temper.

Unfortunately my hopes were dashed when I saw Opa. When I explained the situation to him he barked at me with a scowling look on his face and said: "If you can't deliver the kind of bread we normally have then don't even bother to ever come back here." My face got all flushed and I trembled. As I put the loaf back into the basket and was ready to 'escape' the door opened and in walked uncle Andre who obviously had overheard the conversation. With a strong and steady voice he said: "Herman, that loaf stays here. Father, you should be ashamed of yourself to quarrel over something so trivial." Opa muttered something but uncle Andre put his hand on my shoulder, assured me everything was fine and accompanied me out the back door.

From that moment on my uncle Andre was the first big hero in my life because anyone who had the nerve to stand up to his overly strict and overbearing father like that was a giant in my eyes.

The fact that I remember this story so vividly shows the impact he had on me

Jos Nijkamp (Nephew)

Entered July 26, 2018 from Nijmegen, Netherlands

I remember well that Andre prepared himself for leaving to Canada by boat.
He gave away most of his belongings.
He gave me some tools he had made himself at the technical school.
( angle bar, calipers 20 cm long, compasses and other tools all having an inscription
“ A.Nijkamp”)
I must have been 8 or 9 years old then .
I still use these tools whenever I build something.
Later on I did the same technical school(Storkschool) as Andre did.
When I was about 25 years old I thought about going to Canada and Andre and Teresa were willing to help me.
Then I doubted to much if this was the wright step for me and stayed in Holland.
I remember Andre as an example to me , who lived a life as I wanted to live.
Loved by Yvonne and me , may he rest in peace.


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